What Is a Secure Data Room?

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A virtual data room, also known as a VDR is a safe online repository for critical and sensitive documents for companies. It’s the latest version of a physical room where documents in hard copies could be reviewed during a purchasing or selling negotiation, but with a host of security features specifically designed to prevent unwanted third joindataroom.com parties getting access.

Many VDR providers make a big fuss about how secure their servers are by claiming that their system is the most secure virtual data room however this is not true and is not appropriate for the job. To be truly secure the data room has to ensure that only authorized users can view documents. They must also ensure that no unauthorized user can share their login credentials or the links to your documents with non-authorized users.

The secret ingredient of real data room security is that it goes beyond server security and encompasses the entire process of uploading, displaying and downloading files from your virtual data room. This includes creating a hierarchical system of folders, and standardizing document names to make it easier to keep records of documents. It also requires the use of granular permissions to restrict who is able to view what. It should also include advanced auditing and reporting to spot any potential issues like by displaying who has viewed what documents.

It is important to remember that most data breaches are caused by human error. Most of them are preventable with the use of advanced security features. This should include the most recent encryption technology that can scramble documents while they are in storage, as well as a robust multi-factor system that can block the unauthorised access.

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